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UPB ENERGY Group is 
UPB AS group company.


UPB ENERGY production unit began its operation in year 2006 at the Industrial park in Liepāja.

UPB ENERGY produces stations operated with natural gas ensuring heat supply, producing electricity and serving as emergency generators: stations operated with biogas, which serve as energy alternatives for agricultural facilities; as well as stations operated with synthetic gases, which can help solving recycling problems through providing clean and safe local energy for residents and the industry. The electrical power of the stations is from 50 – 280 kW, heat capacity from 75 – 393 kW.

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29 standard cogeneration station models have been developed. By developing the manufacturing process, work on developing
new standard modules is currently undergoing. Cogeneration stations are available with two types of casings. One type – with an enhanced sound isolation coating for placement directly in the buildings and the other type – container type stations for placement outside of premises, for example, at farms, industrial facilities and others. UPB ENERGY cogeneration station effectiveness has reached 85% and more.

Cogeneration stations provide a number of advantages to their owner – environmentally friendly energy consumption, providing alternative heat and electrical power sources. At the same time reaching high energy efficiency, almost entirely reducing heat loss, preventing harmful emissions into the atmosphere and receiving additional income for transferring electrical energy to public electrical power networks.

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UPB ENERGY – individual approach for each client

When producing any module, special attention is paid to the convenience of cogeneration station exploitation, functionality of the management systems and design. All the safety and adjustment functions are integrated in the compact management system. In addition, it is also possible to transfer all the necessary technical parameters from the cogeneration station in accordance with the needs of the client. The management system also provides a possibility to continue the operation of the station in case of power supply interruption. Highly qualified and motivated specialists work at the production unit. The spacious warehouse for spare parts allows responding flexibly to the realization of orders at the preferred time.

UPB ENERGY cogeneration stations, already during their production are optimized with the aim to ensure continuous functionality. Modern technologies and the long-term experience of the service specialists, as well as the information exchange with the clients help in achieving that.


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