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Biogas CHP
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UPB ENERGY Group is 
UPB AS group company.

Cogeneration stations

Fundamental principles of our operation
The fundament of the UPB ENERGY operation is the production and qualitative service of effective, innovative products. We highly appreciate mutual exchange of experience and we actively take part at international exhibits.

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The company focuses on exploitation of economical energy equipment and all of the fuel required for the production of energy is being used up very rationally, in that way offering customers additional advantages.

Company designs, produces and installs natural gas, biogas, synthetic gas and crude oil gas operated cogeneration stations and provides a high level service.

UPB ENERGY Pruduct lists
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Through collaboration between the engineers of all sectors already in the project development stage UPB ENERGY can flexibly react to the needs of the client and offer each client optimal economical, technical and ecological solutions.

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The high production standards are proofed by the experienced, world recognized manufacturers the company works with like, for example, the German companies Liebherr and Deutz.

The technical documentation, in accordance with the highest world standards, is established by the best German specialists and is the intellectual property of UPB ENERGY.

Each cogeneration station, before the delivery to the client, is connected to a test stand at the production unit and carefully tested.

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UPB ENERGY clients and cooperation partners can rely on well thought-out and handled products, based on the use of innovative technologies and a continuous optimizing process.

Thanks to the close cooperation with the suppliers it is possible to implement all the technological improvements into production immediately.

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